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Default Think logically about your weight loss

When you are heavier you burn more calories, when you lose weight you burn less. It takes burning 3,500 calories to lose only 1lb. This means that it won't get easier to lose it'll get harder. Your body does not want to lose weight; it wants to maintain. This is why when you exercise or diet you get so hungry. It's ok and also neccessary to feel hungry sometimes. I personally like to go to bed hungry.
Be mindful of your diet. Try not to significantly increase your intake with your exercise. If you burn 400 calories it doesn't give you a right to eat 400 extra calories. Yes, you will feel hungry. If you keep it up though eventually your body will need less and less calories to thrive and when you get to your goal weight and quit trying to lose your body will start to level out and you won't need to feel hungry anymore!
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