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So happy to see this thread! Hello fellow nutritarians!

I bought Dr. Fuhrman's book in 2004 when I was about 165 pounds at 5'6" -- i was eating mostly junk food, doing the whole "starve myself for three days, then eat anything i want" thing which was most certainly NOT working for me, and i was lethargic and miserable. At the time I was eating tons of meat and cheese, loads of caffeine, and TONS of sugar.

It took a long time but I slowly, slowly started to incorporate the principles in the book. First I started with just incorporating greens at every meal, followed by getting rid of meat in my diet (it just sort of happened naturally, I suddenly didn't want it anymore), then getting rid of caffeine and aspartame. My next big project is sugar -- I am slowly starting to lose my desire for it.

I still don't follow the plan to the letter -- I do eat minimal dairy (maybe 2-3 servings a week) and eggs (maybe once every week or two), and don't limit my whole grain consumption as the book suggests, so I am definitely not perfect with it. But from about 2004-2007 I very slowly lost 25 pounds, and have managed to keep it off since then (I have fluctuated from 136-144 or so during that time). I've gone up to over 140 again due to my ridiculous sugar consumption of the past few years, but I am determined to phase that out too, and have slowly lost about 3 pounds so far this month in the process!

Deb and Valentine, I totally understand how you might be feeling overwhelemed -- I was too! My advice is to slowly remove things from the diet (or add, as in the case of greens) one by one, so it is a gradual lifestyle change -- take all the time you need! <3

CPP, I just started reading your smoothies thread, very cool! I am blender-less at present (my house burned down over the summer, argh!), but am looking to pick up a new one soon!

Anyhoo, just wanted to say hi!
Height: 5'6.75"
Goal 1: under 140 (want to see those 130s again! )
Goal 2: 138.4 (my former "maintaining" weight)
Goal 3: 137.8 (exactly halfway in the healthy BMI indiex for my height)

Weight as of...
11/12/12: 144.6
11/19/12: 142.8
11/29/12: 141.6

No more caffeine or aspartame, yay! <3

No refined sugar (with a few minor slip-ups here and there ;D) since ... 11/11/12 D:
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