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Default I'm Back!

Yay! I'm back! Today's weigh-in: 172.4

I pretty much ate whatever I wanted while we were camping and my husband conveniently forgot to pack my cooler full of veggies for my GSs so I was unable to have any at all during my trip.

I was actually afraid to get on the scale on Monday morning. Yesterday I weighed in at 174 which is about what I expected. I cheated and took a diuretic and was happy to see the scale at 172.4 this morning. I know it was only water weight lost from the diuretic but I know I ate a lot of salty foods and now I feel like I'm at my true weight and anything lost from here forward will be ugly fat and not more water.

I have to say that I really looked and felt great while camping. My hubby commented on how flat my tummy looked in my tight capris with a little t-shirt. It was hot there so I couldn't get away with hiding behind jackets and sweaters and I am happy to say I don't feel like I needed to. I still weigh A LOT but I guess I must have lost more inches than pounds because I feel like I look like I weigh a lot less. Anyway I won't be happy until the scale is WAY down, around 120-ish. So I have a LOOOOOONG way to go.

I feel a bit achy and shivery these past couple days and wonder if I picked up a flu bug. The last thing I want is a cold smoothie because I'm already so cold. I tried warming one up like Montel Williams blender does to make a hot soup and it was AWFUL! YUCK! Down the drain it went!

I'm having a bit of warm gluten-free oatmeal with a splash of almond milk and stevia right now as I write this because I'm just not ready for a cold smoothie yet. This will be my last solid meal for a while so I am really enjoying it. I will still snack on an apple here and there but really want to get my weight down as quickly as possible so will go back to having just smoothies until I see a significant weight loss! My first Christmas party is December 15, which is 2.5 weeks away. Hopefully I will be close to 160 by then.

Okay, that's it for now. Thanks for your support and have a great day!
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