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Lisa, my heart goes out to you, honey. Though I do not know the pains of being bipolar, I know from having chronic illness that "normal" is individual. What is normal? Seems to be different for everyone. So I do like what your doctor said and I do hope things get better for you. So sorry Thanskgiving was traumatic. Here is to better times. (I am raising an imaginary glass of nice cool water, now I should go raise a real one!!! LOL)

Mern,I am so glad about (and impressed with) how your doctor is working with you. Hold on to that one (and let go of that whip!!! LOL) The list of metabolism boosting foods is interesting; where did you find it?

Ama, so glad the suggestions helped. And look at you being proactive and all, buying the stuff. I'd be curious to see how it works out for you.
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