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Originally Posted by Mern View Post
Crawling back with my head hung low and my tail between my legs in shame. Just teasing--I know you all have that unconditional patience and support for those of us who go astray.

In my absence from our group I ate poorly and gained weight. I'm sure my blood test scheduled for the end of December would show I'm back in the pre-diabetic range, but I know if I'm really faithful to my low carb diet I can get my blood sugar back to normal by the end of February. So I shot my doc an email of cofession and asked for her approval of pushing back my scheduled lab test for blood sugar, cholestrol and triglycerides from the end of December to the end of February. She sent me back an email of support and good faith and her blessing to reschedule the blood test.

Simple goals this week
Portion control
Select most foods from metabolism boosting foods list
25g net carbs (after deducting fiber)
minimum 120g protein
maximum 250mg dietary cholesterol
take supplements
exercise 5 days
water 64 oz.
Mern - I can't ever imagine you crawling anywhere! Just stomp right on back in here with your head held high! I'm sorry to hear you have had a rough time of it lately, but I am so glad you are back and ready to get on track! I like that e-mail of confession. LOL! What a great relationship you have with your doc, you are so fortunate. Best wishes to you this week!
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