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I'm late, but better late than not at all. I've had a pretty rough week personally speaking (Thanksgiving Day in particular was pretty dramatic and traumatic for me), and my waistline has paid the price from all the stress- and emotional-eating. As you can see from my updated signature, I am now 13 lbs over my lower weight a few months ago. Being bipolar really has a whole set of challenges that not everyone has to deal with, and I was telling my nutritionist yesterday that I just wish I was normal. And she put it to me ever so bluntly, "This is your normal. You have to learn to adjust." So here I am, back for another go.

I'm going to keep my goals simple:

1. Try to average 1650/day for the week.
2. Get back to logging everything every day, even the bad stuff.
3. Take my meds 2x/day.
4. When I start to grab a high calorie, high sugar snack, make a better choice.

Ama, I know most nuts are very high calories, but you can have quite a few pistachios for a lot lower calories than most nuts.
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