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Originally Posted by dmartz View Post

May I borrow your goal #12: Stop being such a hater - to me?
I'm likely in a manic phase where that is concerned now, but this problem was biting me earlier this month at the most inauspicious times.

As for the mouse issue, you need a small cage varmint trap. The medium size worked really well when we had a squirrel problem a while back. They couldn't resist chunky peanut butter.
I think this is a goal so many of us could probably use. To try to be kind, compassionate and loving to ourselves. For me, chronic illness and a long flare of it has done something negative to my psyche in this regard. So I am trying to be positive towards and about myself, for example, to stop putting myself down, apologizing for who I am (too talkative, no energy, etc.) To love oneself unconditionally is not selfishness; rather it is the opposite. It is the kindness we can also extend to others when we don't feel so bad about ourselves. Some Buddhists call this "radical self acceptance" (Tara Brach wrote a book with that title.) For some of us in this society self acceptance IS a radical idea. We think we will love ourselves more if we lose ten pounds, get that job, feel better etc but the truth is we can start now just from where we are with all our messy "stuff." (BTW these ideas are from Pema Chodron, a teacher I admire.) Not saying I do this so well just that I want to try. So sorry you are going through this challlenge. [[[HUG]]]] Please tell yourself "I am loveable and totally worthy of love." Because, honey, you are.

Which is not to say that we cannot try to improve. So Joanna, I love that you and your family ar motivating each other and that you did not take what your mom said personally in a negative way but made something positive of it.

Mern, my dear, you are back with us now and we will motivate you to take care of yourself. DO NOT make Mike take out that whip!! Or was it you with the whip?

I feel so grateful to you all. Being sick is isolating and with you guys, I feel like we're in this soup together!!! (Though some of us have bigger trees than others...oh, I went there.) :P

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