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Originally Posted by blkblueanimegrl View Post
I honestly am thinking diet does. When I was having them 5+ times a day, it was back before I really felt like I could lose weight and ate very unhealthily. For the past two weeks now, since I've started watching my intake and making sure I am eating homemade food with fresh fruits and veggies and high levels of grain, I have not had one! This makes me really happy to say the least! And I have been battling this in full force for over a year now.
So sorry to hear you've gone through this! 5+ times a day, man, that sucks. But gad you found that diet helps. Not one! Whoo hoo. Thank you for sharing: I know diet affects them a lot for me, especially sugar, caffeine and alcohol, you know, all the fun stuff. And stress, the not fun stuff. Let me know if you ever need to "tawk."

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