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Ama, nuts are loaded with good fats, but they're pretty high calorie - a few handfuls can get you up to 500 calories, easily. I really like bread too, so I buy the 35 calorie/slice stuff, and if I have 2 slices of toast with whipped cream cheese (more airy so spreads out easily, 70 cals/2 tbsp) and low sugar jam (25 cals/tbsp), I can indulge for only... 70+70+25=165 calories. Not extremely low calorie, but it's sure good, and I can usually fit it in.

Or Rycrisp crackers (60 cals/2 big crackers) and Laughing Cow cheese (35 cals/wedge) is 95 calories.

Of course, there's always fruits and veggies, but I don't find those particularly motivating

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