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Lots of H2O: Y
Focus on whole foods: Mostly
Focus on fruits and veggies: Y (big veggie soup for dinner)
Focus on exercise: N
Lose 1lb: TBD
Post to FD even at the end of the week when I get lazy: Y
Donít stress over Christmas (I manage to pull it off every year and this will be no different): Y - I am debating skipping cards all together

Food Plan - Tuesday
Coffee x 2 (coffee machine at work is tempermental so may be just 1)
PB&J for breakfast
Office food at lunch meeting (a mystery... but I'll try to keep portions small)
Veggie soup re-runs
1 Drink with dinner
Chocolate piece for dessert

I need a low cal, highly satisfying snack for afternoons and after dinner. I turn toward bread and cereal at night if I am hungry... ug! Need to stock up on walnuts or something like that to help out...

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