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Originally Posted by cjohnson728
There is a tentative plan to move the 7-Day thread to another section to reflect the fact that more men are joining us, possibly the Weight Loss section or Success Stories. If anyone has any objections to this or strong feelings one way or the other, please post or PM me. Thanks!

And Donna replied: I don't have any strong feelings on the matter, but do have an opinion. I like the idea of moving this thread out of the Women's Only section. Wouldn't want any men to feel too intimidated to join us. They help keep the discussions well, um, rounded. (No, um, pun intended.

Perhaps the best place to move these threads would be into a new section under FitDay Forums, called Motivation. Keeping the title and the section heading rather generic, it opens the commentary to a wide range of topics.

I like the idea of moving our thread to another section AND I like Donna's idea of a forum called Motivation.
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