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Originally Posted by bojibridge View Post
The end result after more discussion is that all four of us (Mom, Dad, my sister, and I) have now got a "First to 10 lbs lost" challenge going! We all are putting in $10, and whoever gets there first wins the pot. We've got a weekly thread going with weigh-ins and whatever goals we feel like putting down. My sister is so excited about it - she's pretty healthy, long-distance runner type, although has gained some weight recently. Anyway, so now I've got extra motivation!
That's great! My mum is doing the same thing with me (sort of). She's gonna pay me $100 for losing 50lbs. She even said she'd pay it in small goal form, like $20 for each 10 I lose. I know she feels I am overweight as well, so it's nice when your family tries to help with motivating you!

Good goals too! I need to really work on my water intake. I'm trying to drink more decaf tea. Good luck with your challenge!

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