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Emily! Thanks for posting, congratulations on your success!!! That is very very motivating to me, your goal was similar to mine! Have you been using FitDay since Sept 08? Please share any tips you may have discovered!

I just picked up a bunch of seafood today; snow crab legs (mmmm, a real treat), shrimp and some lobster meat. Love to do stirfry's with seafood! So satisfying and light. I find if I eat the same old foods, I eat more, and they are not as satisfying. Trying to mix things up, and trying new recipes, spices, etc.

Diane, Way to go, stiff muscles remind you of the exercise you got in! Good idea with the portions. I tend to cook too much...thinking I will have leftovers...but in reality, for me it is just a temptation to overeat. Going to cook enough for the meal from now on; particularly the starchy stuff. My hubby could use to lose a few pounds himself (and already has, because I do most of the cooking), but he works alot harder than me, so can afford to eat bigger portions. Crazy how fast he drops weight. SIGH. I have a wee bit of a salt 'habit' and am always reaching for the salt shaker. Trying to use some interesting spices while cooking instead. Developing a love for curry!! Thanks for the rah rahs!

Exercise. I am walking, but not really working up a big sweat. I know I need to ramp that up and do some cardio if I want to see the results I am envisioning. Tomorrow AM goal = sweat.

Hope everyone is having a great day!
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