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1) plan meals: yes
2) stick to plan (or equivalent): yes
3) 1600 calories or less - 1340
4) lower carbs -yes
5) no caffeine which means no chocolate heavy sigh -yes sigh
6) 6 glasses water min -7
7) be a stretchy mama every day -yes
8) gym or gentle exercise at least 3x this week -no
9) meditate daily-yes
10) practice Spanish -yes
11) WRITE - yes
12) be kinder to myself; stop being such a hater to me - trying so yes
13) avoid sugar: yes

So we get field mice coming into the house sometimes and one got in. Both my cat Ginger and DH chased it and managed to let it escape. When DH catches it he lets it go so I was hoping he would but they both dropped the ball. I am not fond of rodents to say the very least so now I am gonna be up freaking out. Is there a humane way to find em and lead em out? I am tired and do not fancy a midnight visit from Mickey... grrrr...apologies to animal lovers

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