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Default Why do I gain weight when I eat 'normal'?

A bit about my diet:
Some people have issues overeating, I have issues undereating. I get busy throughout the day with my job and keep putting off meals. Then I get home and work out and watch some shows. If my bf isn't hungry I don't make dinner and end up just not eating. I eat about 300-500 calories a day. When I do get myself to eat though and eat somewhere around 800-1000 calories I end up gaining like 2lbs.
What I don't understand is that my body burns about 1500 calories a day and with the exercise another 500 are burned so I don't get how I can gain weight from 1000 calories. Yes i'm trying to fix my eating habits, but in the meantime i'm confused. Why would that make me gain so much weight?
I don't think it's my metabolism because I take fiber in the morning and evening and I drink icy cold water all day.
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