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The week after…

Well… I ate like crazy for 4 days in a row. Yes, I went stupid on food, and am definitely feeling sluggish and crappy this morning… BUT this morning the scale only showed .5 lb up from my maintenance range, so YAY!

Lots of H2O:
Focus on whole foods:
Focus on fruits and veggies:
Focus on exercise:
Lose 1lb:
Post to FD even at the end of the week when I get lazy:
Don’t stress over Christmas (I manage to pull it off every year and this will be no different):

Food Plan - Monday
Coffee x 2
Pizza x 2 slices (home-made with little crust, very little cheese, and lots of veggies)
Small sushi take-out
Veggie soup for dinner (left-over veggies from T-Day, all in a pot with some beans and spices)
Piece of chocolate for dessert

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