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Obstacle #12

12. Not paying attention to what fitday can tell me.
Recently, I noticed that the reports fitday produce show a consistent pattern of x% protein, y%carb, and z%fat. The results vary but slightly when I ask for the report for the last month, last two months, last four months, etc.

If I look at these ratios (and the way I tend to eat calories within a certain range), I can see that, like a homing pigeon, my brain + my body + my emotions conspire to give me just those results from food choices. No matter what I THINK I'm trying to achieve at the time.

It may be true that small changes over time can effect larger changes. But I am fooling myself if I think I'm not keeping myself going forward exactly on an even keel, and this is keeping my weight relatively stable. My goal is to lose weight, not stay at my same weight.

Lesson learned: focus. The tools are there to see what I change and what the results are: that's what the reports can do for me. It's going to take some real effort to adjust my diet. Real effort as in focused, concentrated attention. One meal's not going to do it - more like 2 or 3 weeks' worth of food choices.
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