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1) plan meals
2) stick to plan
3) 1600 calories or less
4) lower carbs
5) no caffeine which means no chocolate heavy sigh
6) 6 glasses water min
7) be a stretchy mama every day
8) gym or gentle exercise at least 3x this week
9) meditate daily
10) practice Spanish
12) be kinder to myself; stop being such a hater to me

I've been having panic attacks and diet affects that for me so I am trying to go strict, also hoping meditation will help. It's gonna be a challenge because I am goign away at the end of the week (tos ee an out of state fibro doctor) and packing and traveling always disrupts things.

Cassie thank you so much for starting us.

Jenn, I am so glad you are here.

Krystal, I totally agree with your take on men and the motivational thread. I don't care where the thread is, just tell us where so we can find it. Plus, Krystal, I like your goals!

Have a good week. I am hoping more of us will come back and others (male or female) will feel free to join.

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