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Default New and struggling

I just joined FitDay today and I hope it is what I need to get my motivation reved. I have a problem with food and am having trouble getting a handle on it. I love to eat and I crave chocolate, but fast food is my weakness.

I rejoined the gym about a month ago and am working out 2 days a week, and am trying to increase it to 3 days. I have been doing fair on my food, until Thanksgiving and a vacation have ruined everything I worked for. I have regained my motivation though and am ready to move on.

I need encouragement and advise. I especially need advice on breakfast on the go... This seems to be the meal that kills me almost everyday. What do you pack that is filling and satisfing??

I have about 100lbs to lose and I need to start now. I intend to join a fitness competition in January and want to be ready to take it on. The program offers working out with a fitness coordinator and a group of other people. My friend joined it last year and after the 10 weeks she had new habits and has lost 97lbs and looks great.

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