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Krystal, you are doing great!

Jenn, I am so happy to hear those health figures, great about the bp, heart rate and weight. Yeah!!!! So good to hear.

I am surprised that I did not gain any weight since we had TWO Thanksgivings; the one on Thursday and then DD had a friends' one. We have HUGE amounts of food now: rice for 10, two leftover turkeys, mac and cheese, mountains of candied yams, as well as plain sweet potatoes, too many desserts and a five pound box of chocolate covered pretzels. And it's just DH and me and I try not to eat sugar.

Ama, you did really well! I think I did pretty good...all things considered...

Just dropped my daughter off at the airport and I am amazed at how much I miss her already. She will be back in two and a half weeks for a month though.

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