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I was thinking, maybe for me to lose weight, I should try eating porridge everyday, for two meals a day, and start going to the gym a little more. So I googled it and I found this.... Great advice!

I'm sixteen, male, and currently my pants waste size is a 32. I weight around 13 stone, and I'm about 5ft9 and o cant tell at the moment that i am going to have a growth spurt asmim having growing pains (cant wait for that haha) I want to get it down to around a 28 around 12 stone too, and add a little more muscle. So I'm going to start eating this, twice a day like you recomended. I've just started to get into fashion now, skinny jeans.... Spiking my hair up and dyeing it etc. and I though to myself, I really would love to lose some weight, to perfect my look. If I lose weight, then I will be really comfortable and like everything with my body. So it really motivated me, and this thread has just tipped my motivation over the edge, and now I'm really motivated! So thank you for the great advice, I'm going to try this starting from tomorrow and start going to the gym 4 or 5 times a week, hopefully I will have lost enough weight for Christmas, so my family who will visit from down south will see how much I've changed.... Thank you really really much, this is going to be a diet apt hat I enjoy as I love porridge.... I can't believe I haven't thought of this before..........Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!xx
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