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Originally Posted by blinkpro View Post
I mean come on, I think if someone is relatively active and eats healthy most of the time, an occasional (say once every 2 months) of eating alot of food in one day can't get someone overweight, unhealthy or fat.

I see people scringing and panicking all the time about eating something just once and think its rediculous!

What says ye? Would love to hear comments/experiences!
I don't believe one day of eating a lot of food occasionally will make anyone get fat, either. For me, if I eat things that I don't normally have a lot of, or a lot of everything, then it's a matter of my body then craving more of it, which makes it harder for me to stay on track afterwards. In a sense, it's like giving an alcoholic just one beer. He'd go back to drinking after having that one beer because an alcoholic must abstain to stay living sober. Indulging in a lot of food in one day (and a lot of sweets and starches) for me is like giving that guy that one beer because instead of an alcoholic I'm a fat person addicted to food. That's my take on it anyways. I'm sure it is different for other people.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!
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