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I've kept it under control very well today. I've made several pies, chip dip and have all kinds of snacks out and ready to go. You know how Cheez-Its are a food group for me? The box has stayed closed all day! It's killing me, but it's still sealed. I was going to opt out of making my famous chocolate chip cookies this year, but my kids put the kabash on that idea. I guess no holiday is the same without my cookies according to them. I'll try to just have 2 or 3. That will be hard! I've got a good strategy, though. We are going to make the cookies tomorrow afternoon after dinner, so they will not be sitting around all day for me to graze on. They will get mostly eaten in the evening, and then I will send some home with Tyler.

Yesterday I did not keep to my calories as well I wanted, but today I've done very well. Taking a day off from logging tomorrow, but right back at it on Friday.

I'm so excited to have all my kids under one roof tomorrow. I don't see my oldest son and his gf very often, so it's really nice when I do. Hope you all have a very nice holiday, and please be safe if you will be out driving.
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