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Originally Posted by dmartz View Post
Love shrimp and broccoli! Scallops, not so much. Tell me about the string beans for a snack... Just string beans?

I'm doing good on my first two goals this week: exercising more that 20 minutes each day, and thanking people. Don't know about the long term goals yet.

Good luck with Thanksgiving tomorrow everyone. I couldn't come up with an appropriate antonym for 'insane eating,' so that will have to do!
[Balanced? Not likely. Rational, nope ... sounds too much like rations. Discerning, maybe, but not quite, reasonable? Not on Thanksgiving! ...]

Have fun, y'all!

- Donna
Leftover string beans in garlic and olive oil, nom nom. I can even eat em cold but I will prolly heat em.
Oh man, grilled scallops - gotta come over and let my DH make em for you. You will be a convert.
DD's home from college (YAY!!!!!) and the kids are over eating like crazy and piling onto the couch. DH and I are in the kitchen drinking vodka gimlets (don't worry the "kids" are old enough to drive and I don't drink much.) But the insane food thing is starting already as I must "taste" things I am preparing...

Beware the insane food thing folks...

And Mike stop blaming Tori and get out here and run!!!!
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