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Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
I made a meal plan last night but immediately went off this morning in an attempt to lure DD to eat breakfast (something she rarely does.) It was better tho, lower carb.
grilled shrimp and scallops
string beans
Love shrimp and broccoli! Scallops, not so much. Tell me about the string beans for a snack... Just string beans?

I'm doing good on my first two goals this week: exercising more that 20 minutes each day, and thanking people. Don't know about the long term goals yet.

Good luck with Thanksgiving tomorrow everyone. I couldn't come up with an appropriate antonym for 'insane eating,' so that will have to do!
[Balanced? Not likely. Rational, nope ... sounds too much like rations. Discerning, maybe, but not quite, reasonable? Not on Thanksgiving! ...]

Have fun, y'all!

- Donna
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