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Cassie – Holy Cow! I was not on FD last year at this time, but I think I heard of the legendary pantry list in earlier posts – you weren’t kidding! I’d love to see a picture of that pantry! It totally reminds me of my Grandmother’s house when I was a kid. Her house was stocked with soda, chocolate, cheese, sugary kids cereals, pies and donuts lined the counter tops, every variety of Hostess treat imaginable was available, and on and on…

Lisa – Lots and lots of green! You rock! Mmmm… chocolate pretzels… only 4? I envy your restraint!

Hope – I like all your orange! Way to stick to your plan!

Tori – I’m glad you’re checking in! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday – it is hard not to go insane with food. But I shall give it a go…

Kevin – Congrats on making your weight goal!!! YAY! I wish I had your enthusiasm for working out. It is a struggle for me to get to the gym 2x a week. I need to try harder… I like the goal about not arguing with the Mrs. Hahaha!

Quinn – Your goals look great! Lots of yes’.

Blkblueanimegrl (did I get it right?) – Welcome to the thread! Nice goals!

Peachtree – Yes, a friends and family holiday for certain… have a great one!

Ron – Seems like you met a few goals anyway; staying under 1600 and getting a good workout in – great job! Love the phrase “indulge in moderation.” I need to remember that one! No wine, wow! Only way for my relatives not to drive me crazy is to have the wine open and aplenty! I'm kidding, really truely...
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