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So I woke up with a MONSTER headache Fri am but was soooo happy to see I had reached 170 on the scale! BUT, also for some reason my cycle started for the second time this month! I started normally on the 1st as expected and now again on the 16th! WEIRD! That's never happened before. (sorry guys for the girl talk). So why are my hormones messed up? From my cleanse?

Then my neighbor noticed I was looking thinner and my hubby (who knows better!) complimented me and told me how nice I looked in my outfit - he called me Sexy Mama! Well, that is all it took for my self-saboteur to rear its ugly head! I know from past experience that for some reason, as soon as my hubby starts noticing and commenting on my weight-loss I begin to sabotage myself. WHY DO I DO THAT???!!! Especially with my hormones raging!

I made it through the day fine but in the evening I decided to have a piece of sour-dough toast with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter - this was always my go-to snack of choice when I craved carbs. Not surprisingly it didn't taste as good as I thought it would and thankfully I stopped at only one piece and didn't have my normal four!

Well! The next morning my eyes were all swollen and watery again and I looked and felt awful! My allergies were crazy out of control. Don't know if it was the bread (wheat?) or the butter but one of the two was definitely the culprit!

My husband wanted to take me out to dinner to celebrate a real estate transaction we closed that day and I was good - I ordered salmon - YUM! but also had veggies that were sauteed in something pretty salty, and yes, stupid me had a roll AND my hubby and I shared a piece of chocolate cake! See, I got into that whole, "well I already had this so I might as well have that," mode. My husband says that is what drug addicts and alcoholics do to justify their drug/alcohol binges! Guess I have a disease then! Anyway, the next day, Sunday, we took the kids to see the new Twilight (which was AWESOME!) and I had about a cup of popcorn with butter and salt and a couple bites of chocolate - none of which really tasted as good as I remembered.

So Monday morning I weighed 174 again, probably water-gain from the salt. I also noticed that my joints are stiff and sore again which I hadn't even noticed were better until now that they are stiff again!

So all day Monday I happily stuck to my GSs - especially now that I know most of my problems (allergies, ugly-looking eyes, stiff joints, weight-gain) were all from food sensitivities. Knowing that, I now feel stronger than ever in my resolve to not eat badly again - I hate feeling and looking bad and if not having salt and wheat and sugar ever again is what it takes to feel and look good - now I know how easy it is and how great it feels to eliminate all that crap from my diet.

Today I am back to 172 but my eyes still look puffy and my allergies are still raging. Also, I still have this unexpected mid-month cycle for the 4th day now which is obviously contributing to my symptoms and played a huge role in the weakness in my resolve (sorry again guys).

So I'm not going to beat myself up for messing up this weekend because I learned a very valuable lesson: food sensitivities make me miserable! I am happy to be back on my GSs and now know for certain that I am on the road to good health.

Wow, this was a looooong post - sorry if I am boring you guys! Over eleven hundred views on this thread, it's comforting to know you guys are out there! Thanks to Kkotelman for posting and for the recipies!
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