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Ok, guys, I just did the House of Schizophrenic Food pantry inventory (in white): Mom's food: Pretzels (3 kinds), cheese curls (3 bags), tortilla chips, potato chips, fudge, donuts (powdered sugar and chocolate frosted minis, plus one big one left over that I think is cinnamon), a leftover cinnamon bun, PopTarts (brown sugar cinnamon, strawberry, and cookies & cream, all with icing), Triscuits, Ritz, some sort of cheddar wafers, Flip Sides crackers (pretzel on one side and cracker on the other), marshmallows, ice cream (3 kinds), Milky Ways, Werthers candies (bulk bag), peppermints (bulk bag), Oreos, animal crackers, scones, beef sticks (I suspect thatís for Thanksgiving appetizers), graham crackers, Necco wafers, Fig Newtons (3 flavors), Goldfish, Ramen, Chex Mix, Special K popcorn chips, Peeps (????????), microwave popcorn, saltines, gingerbread, and 4 kinds of cheese.

Sister's food: Larabars, Fiber One bars, Greek yogurt, Wasa shortbread, Shredded Wheat, homemade breakfast bread that is probably pretty nutrition but not low calorie (lots of nuts), high fiber bread, assorted fruits and veggies, Go Lean cereal, Kashi Heart to Heart cereal, regular oatmeal, Cheerios, Life cereal, Fiber One cereal, Special K.

Last night my mom made ribs and fries for dinner. However, there was some leftover pork roast and potatoes, so a couple of us had that with broccoli and salad, so it could have been much worse. And then my mom apologized all over herself for not having dessert here (which to her is a pie or cake, apparently, and everything from the above list does not qualify)!

I love my family <3 !

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