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Hope, do well on the gym contest! You can lose those last few!

Donna, you've got a great list, and you're doing excellent.

I think everyone is really loving the "don't go stupid with the food" quote this week. lol

1. Target is 1600 cals or less/day.
2. Need to plan ahead.
3. Do my best to stick to it.
Mostly did.
4. Log everything.
Yes, right down to the last pretzel.
5. Exercise.
6. Remember to take meds 2x/day.
7. Get enough rest.
Yes, and it felt great!
8. Remember all the things I am thankful for.
I am.
9. Be kind to myself.
I took it easy on me.

I did super well with my planning and (mostly) sticking to it. Sara and I made a test sample of some chocolate pretzels we are making for Thursday, and I had 4 of them plus a few plain broken pretzels that were not on my original list. But, when I made my original plan I stayed well under my calories for just such a thing. And I still stayed under!!! woohoo!

Today I am grateful for the fact that my husband works for a union, and even though he's unemployed at the moment, they allow you to "bank" hours from all your overtime so that when you are between jobs your insurance won't lapse. With all his banked hours, we have insurance through the end of February, even if he doesn't get back to work (seriously hoping it's not that long til he gets working though!)

I made a rough plan for today, and hoping I can stick to it again. Dinner may change, but I've got a good starting point.
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