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Default Gastric bypass

I just received the package yesterday and it seems overwhelming, but do-able! I am a gastric bypass patient who lost nearly 100 lbs. in 10 months. I got pregnant 10 months after my surgery and after my son was born I quickly lost the 30 lbs. that I gained during pregnancy. Well, somewhere along the way in the past 2 years, I stopped losing weight and have gained...even with a gastric bypass. The surgery was certainly helpful for me and gave me a great start, but even a girl with a tiny stomach can eat Little Debbie's 10 times a day! My problem is snacking on terrible things all day, not portion control. So, I think this program is the best one for me...I've just got to stay away from the BAD foods! Anyway, I would appreciate feedback from anyone else who is a Gastric Bypass loser like me, or snackers who have tips on staying away from the Witch Little Debbie...I really hate her! Thanks!
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