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I made all of my goals last week, but most importantly, I made my weight goal by 0.2 pounds. I like working out, its not bad, and I make the most of the time by working real hard. I wish I lived somewhere besides bland IL. I would surely get out a lot more.

I have verbally committed to race a 5K fun run on 7/4/13, so I need to stay on target, or that isn't going to work too well for me.

My goals this week:

Count Calories (today thus far 760)
Go to the gym 6 times
Aiming for a loss of about 1 pound this week. I could use a good meal on doom day.
Not argue with the Mrs. about her ability to spend money at a rate expotentially faster than I can make it-it's the holidays. We do not use credit cards in our house. Cash only!
31 M 6' 2"

7/27/2012 335 Start
9/1/2012 315
10/1/2012 305.5
11/1/2012 293
11/10/2012 291

Mini Goal: 272 by 2/3/2013

I'm doin it!
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