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I only like to use natural products. I buy organic, gluten free whenever possible, when grocery shopping. Aside from that, I do believe plants were created to help our bodies and to heal them. (essential oils, herbs, ayurvedic,etc). I have been in the health industry for over 35 years, believing more so in alternative eastern methods versus conventional western medicine.

I don't drink coffee, so I'm sensitive to caffeine, -in the years past, during a time I was under heavy stress and I made a rare stop to Starbuck's to buy hot chocolate- this combination caused a cyst to develop in my breast. It was the size of an egg, but over a short time of about 2 weeks, with the stress gone and no longer having the strong caffeine from Starbuck's hot chocolate in my system, the cyst went away by itself.

Besides doing bodywork for others, I have been researching weightloss and locating the ideal weight loss pill formula that does not have too much synthetic chemicals, caffeine, or any negative effects on the body and heart rate. Something that can be taken without a huge change in diet for just needing to lose small to moderate amount of bellyfat and to slim the face or can help for being overly over weight, in addition to exercise and a change in eating habits.
I study the different methods, diets, and theories on losing weight because being of the baby boomer generation I know there will always be found a simpler answer than can improve our lives and make it even healthier. I also share the information I've found with anyone that wants to know and have written reports and an ebook on the topic. I will share these with others, if interested.
This Fitday product seems like a good thing, especially at being able to use at no cost.
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