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Default Goals

Hope, Thanks for the shout out last week, and for starting up this thread.

Trying to be mindful of what I can accomplish this week, and what would really be beneficial for me, this is what I came up with for the week:
  • Exercise at least 20 minutes every day.
  • Say 'Thank you' to at least one person every day.
  • Develop three long term goals by week end, and post them here.
I didn't do too well on my weekly goals last week. The only one I met was Protein over 50g/day; I managed over 50 every day, 61g/day average. As for the the rest of the goals, I did well in the first half of the week, but went overboard toward the weekend. Ended up with a daily cal average of 1651, not under 1600. Well, it's a new week. I'm now going to try to focus on what I've done well, and what I've been 'good' at.
  • I log everything I eat into fitday. Since the first of the year I've logged all my food every day, with the exception of the vacation in Sept. For the vacation (only) I created a custom entry, called 'Food,' and logged 2000 cals/day of 'Food,' & 400 cals alcohol. Figured that was probably an actual average for that vacation. I went on a bunch of day hikes, and ate pretty well, but was totally extravagant with the alcohol. And chocolate. And nuts. Way too much fat.
  • I've been doing really well on maintenance. Gained a few pounds on vacation, but dropped them right off. I've also gone down a few lbs. under my goal, but I'm definitely not underweight, and I've been starting to get some 'definition' in my abs. My skin just isn't that elastic at this age, I guess.
  • I'm feeling healthy. My blood pressure was checked twice last week, and was pretty much perfect: 118/70, 115/65. Waiting on the blood work to come back and see how the cholesterol is doing however...
  • I've lost a lot of stress. I just don't carry that around with me the way I used to. I'm a lot more accepting of things, less argumentative, and I don't get depressed by the things that used to bother me.
  • I could go on .... but I don't want to sound like a braggart. I have a bi-polar problem with my self worth at times, so I'd like to find that middle ground where I can talk about the good without getting obnoxious about it. I think I may have hit that median with this list. (Had to erase 'I hope' from that last line. ;-)
What I need to do going forward is create some long term goals for myself. I always have a problem in that area, and now I find myself a bit aimless. Hope to work on that this week, and perhaps gain a new perspective.

- Donna

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