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Lisa, Cassie, thank you for your concern about my tummy but I'll be OK. It's prolly a fibro thing, possibly fixable with diet. This too shall pass.

Cassie, I like the "dont' go stupid with food." LOL.

Lisa, it sounds like you've got together some good strategies. Chicken is great in that it is so versatile. When I make my family pancakes for dinner, I have eggs or one or two whole wheat pancakes. I don't know if you like eggs or egg whites but they are also great with veggies, cheese, etc.

Jenn, so glad you are feeling more yourself but sorry about your bp. Drinking lots of water is good. I have high bp and find when I lose even a couple of pounds, it helps my bp go down. Do you have any relaxation techniques?

I too miss Mern. Mern where are you?

For me, the good news is that I got my Biggest Loser scale in the mail today and it seems easier to use than my old one. (I broke my old one; apparently you're not supposed to drop them from great heights. Who knew? LOL.) I did an exercise class, first one other than yoga I have done in ages. It seemed pretty good; we'll see how I feel in a couple of days. I told the instructor (who I know) I had issues and I'd do what I could and she was so encouraging. "See?" she keep saying, "you did more than you thought you could." Which was true tho I was careful.

I signed up for a weight maintenance contest my gym holds every year through the holidays and I weighed in at .6 lb less than at home. But in both cases I lost about a pound of the weight I had gained back. I am determined to lose these last 7-10 pounds.

So glad I came back to my old gym. I think I will go to it more. I'm psyched.

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