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Hi Hope...thanks!!
Glad to see you back we missed you!.....yep the holidays is gonna be
tough for me...BUT.... i have to enjoy myself

Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
Well it feels like it has been a looooonng time since I've been on this thread and I still have the same stinkin weight to lose. Not to be morbid but I feel like my tombstone will read: But wait she had just ten more pounds to go....

Chris I like your egg whites plan: it's the leftovers that get me. Everything just tastes better the day or days after...

Becca, I'm so glad to hear your surgery went well and that you are on the mend. Hope your dicomfort eases soon.

Soutsamone, are you food sensitive? I know I am so food affects my mood and how I feel a lot. But also ask yourself if there is other stuff going on in your life. The holidays and this time of year can bring on stress (and for some people SAD.)

Pam, hi. Yep I'm here. Gained three pounds, lost five, gained two back, I'm sure you're getting the idea of my little roller coaster ride.... How have you been?

Hi everyone! Good luck on Thanksgiving!!!
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