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Nik..No desk job here....I'm a Personal Support Worker in homecare. My job consists of travelling from house to house to take care of whatever needs my client has (ADL's, housekeeping, showers, meal prep etc...). Usually, other than the driving part, my job is very physical. Oh yeah...I don't usually get a set's whatever I can grab while driving between clients. (It used to be potato chips or fast food, at least I'm making healthier choices now)

My job is far from body friendly, and I was hoping that by losing the weight and strengthening my core, I could ease some back pain. I was thinking yoga, but I just have to find the time. I know the "time" thing sounds like a cop-out but my day starts at 6 am and usually ends anywhere from 6-9 pm (with this job, you'd think i'd be skinny as a rail) at which time I usually grab something light to eat then fall into bed (if I don't have a night class at the college from 6-10).

I haven't given up on exercise. I know I have to make the time to do it EVERYDAY. That's the hard part.

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