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1. Target is 1600 cals or less/day.
2. Need to plan ahead.
3. Do my best to stick to it.
4. Log everything.
5. Exercise.
6. Remember to take meds 2x/day.
7. Get enough rest.
8. Remember all the things I am thankful for.
9. Be kind to myself.

It's a long list, but I think most of them are pretty easily attainable. It will be a tough week food-wise. Because Thursday took so much of my budget we will be having "cheap and easy dinners" (a.k.a. not as healthy) for most of the rest of the week. Not that they're all bad necessarily, but for example, on spaghetti night I don't eat it, so I'll have to somehow find myself something else to eat. Another night is Ramen egg drop soup. Definitely not having that. I may have to beg some extra money from hubby to buy a few items for myself to help stay on track.

I have been really bad about taking my meds this past week, and all weekend I didn't log a single thing. Those are things I really need to focus on.

Taking care of goal #6, right now I am really thankful for the fact that I no longer weigh 275 lbs. I sometime get discouraged at how far I have to go, but then I look back and see how far I have come already. I can do this!!!

Everyone, have a beautiful day and a successful week!
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