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Hi Animegirl

I never thought I would be so close to my goal! I think back to what kept me motivated, and it was pure and simple. I just needed to be honest with myself. As long as I WAS being TOTALLY HONEST, then I knew I could not go wrong. I didn't let the little guy on my shoulder talk me into things that I knew were incorrect.

How I find the energy to do what I need to do is to make it as simple as I can. For home cooked food it is relatively simple, when you DO cook, cook twice as much, pack up half, you now have meal #2, or if you cook enough for 4 meals, then more power to you. I don't make convenience food, it lacks flavor. As does sugar free food. I go full fat (except in dairy I use/drink 2% milk and light sour cream) , full calorie, why, it has more flavor, then weigh/measure/log my portions. I rarely eat in restaurants, too many hidden calories & salt.

Also, Something I found helpful to me, was to not get hung up on the numbers on the scale. I know, a weird thing. I found my weight fluctuates in a range of 1-3 pounds a week, I weigh every day. So with Fitday, it allows me to log my weight every day and see the fluctuations. I just see a zig zag in a steadily downward direction. And I can look back and it shows 4 months ago my average weight was heavier than my weight today.

As you see I have only 2 more pounds to go. I have been at this for a little over 3 years, losing slowly and not gaining anything back. Cutting back on certain foods, adding others, increasing exercise, etc. It's a delicate balance! I look forward to finding out what tweak I need to do to get rid of these last two pounds! (this week my main focus was to be very mindful of my eating.)
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