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Originally Posted by nethski View Post

This is some food that helps you to maintain you body to become slim but healthy.

Breakfast: Nonfat Caffe Latte/ Gingerbread Syrup / Fish oil Omega 3/ Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake,/ Banana/ Bacon/ Tea/.

Lunch: Beef Barley Soup/ Apples / Pear/ Carrots,/ Cucumber/.

Dinner: Campbells tomamto soup/ Cheddar cheese/ Milk/ Rice/ Beer Batter Fish/

Snacks: Del Monte Fruit Cocktail/ Green tea w/ honey.

any food you can eat for that..

thank you...
Where did you get this? It seems very limited and not all that healthy. I'm inclined to agree with the previous poster: incorporate as many good quality whole foods into your diet as possible, find an exercise routine you can handle and stick with and go from there. I wasn't sure if this post was joking or not.
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