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Originally Posted by rpmcduff View Post

Are you really using the COLD as an excuse not to walk in New Orleans??? So cold you had to put on long pants and a sweatshirt? LOL. I'm surprised Tori didn't beat you up for that one.
No, that was my excuse not to ride TPM. I put on my thermal shirt, leather jacket, leather gloves, helmet and backed her out the garage. I said, dammit, I'm gonna go for a ride. It was only 60* but felt like mid 50's for some reason. I know on the bike it would would feel damn cold. It's okay though. This southern boy was gonna man up. [boring guy talk]Cranked it up, pulled in the clutch, put her in 1st and she lurched forward and killed, while the clutch was still in. Did this several times. Pushed her back into the garage. Came to the conclusion that it was the clutch. Worked on her until I could get it in gear and it would stay running. This has the clutch really tight, so I think my clutch may be going out, with only 3500 miles on the clock. I'll try to play with it some more tomorrow. If it starts to give me fits again, she's going back to the stealership. Maybe I can get them to upgrade me to a nice race clutch that can handle a small shit of nitrous?[/end bring guy talk]
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