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Originally Posted by dmartz View Post
Thanks for the great suggestion(s). That really should work. Thing is, I can do three sets of 20 on my knees. I can do them in really good form, too. My wrists give out long before my shoulders or back does. Can't do them on my toes, though. I just don't get it, but it is what it is, I guess. I try to work on upper body w/TRX twice a week, (emphasis on try ... ) I'm sure I'll get there eventually, but it's taking a lot longer than I thought it would.

I'll add that I'm not discouraged that it's easier for my man, rather that I saw this as a challenge. One I'm just not doing too well at.

- Donna
Wow, if you can already do 20 then you may want to do that routine starting with 20. Then work your way down as the breaks get shorter. As for your wrists, it's best to keep your wrists straight. If you have a set of dumbbells, put them on the floor and grip them. This should keep your wrists straight, or you can do them on your knuckles... or get push up stands which use the same concept as the dumbbells.
Seeing it as a challenge is good.

I'm way behind on my updates, I've been doing decent (the goals are pretty easy) but I have not walked. The easiest goal... riding the motorcycle may not happen, it's been kinda cold but I may suck it up and quit being a wimp and go out for a ride tonight. Right now, I'm at 4 policies for the week and may end up with 1 more.
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