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Default Vegan

I started this journey on 10/22/12, at the same time i decided to go vegan for 3 wks because the eczema on my face was getting worse. I gave up sugar of any kind and switched from coffee to tea so i wouldn't have to use sweeteners. Ate lots of fruits (mango, apples, banana, plums etc). I m never tired anymore, my face cleared up and i feel great! The only downside was with all the carbs in the fruit and veggies, my body was holding onto water and even though i was looking more toned and lean, the scale never moved.

This wk I decided to add chicken and fish back into my diet since they are lower in fat than red meat. I stepped on the scale this morning and finally saw the scale drop 2lbs! Soooo excited I try to circuit train at least 4 days a wk and lots of stretching on my off days. I find that it's easier to eat the same foods during the wk day since kids are in school and hubby works I don't have to cook until dinner. On the weekend breakfast and lunch are usually the same ( oatmeal, large green salad, some fruit). Dinner is a little more challenging.

Start weight 115 -10/22/12
Weight 111 - 11/16/12
Mini goal 105- 12/25/12
Final goal 100- 6/1/13

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