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I'm no expert but here's some thoughts:

Have a solid breakfast, if you can. The fruit is a good start; the Nature Valley bar is Ok but a lot of sugar. Some people are not breakfast people but breakfast is important in weight loss and setting the pace for the day. Maybe add a bit of cheese or whole grain toast to your fruit if you're not up for oatmeal or eggs.

Lunch: a salad with some protein, a sandwich on whole grain bread, non cream based soups, etc. Mix it up so you don't get bored though some people can eat the same thing every day and be perfectly fine with it.

Main meal at night: protein of choice and veg. Whole grains like wild rice, quinoa, squash, a sweet ptoato, etc if desired.

Allow yourself some treats. Dark chocolate is good, if you like it. I find small snacks essential: a handful of nuts, a low fat cheese stick, carrots and hummus, fruit, but that's me. I need to eat every couple of hours and it actually controls my appetite and energy.

The rule for weight lifting from what I know is carbs before; protein after.

A little balance goes a long way IMHO.

Good luck. You're thinking about it and that's the first important step.

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