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1) Plan food -yes, yes, yes but went off plan, yes but what good did it do in the Island of Lost Food?
2) < 1600 calories, 1180, 1663 1362 oh who knows? Do you know how many calories are in a mini cheesburger the size of your thumbnail? I think not. Who even knows how many I ate?
3) 6 glasses H2O min - no , 6 ? does wine count?
4) stretch- yes, no yes,yes
5) some form of exercise, even at home 2x min -home execise and walk, no yes at home no
6) pull self up by bootstraps - talked to therapist, "retail therapy" and saw friend, went to a concert with DH and had fun, got personal advice from famous well published writer, went to a banquet with many people there
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