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Ugh, it's like a have a food hangover today. I ate all kinds of weird unidentifiable foods last night, which is not a good move for someone with food allergies and sensitivites. But I also have hypoglycemia and was working a banquet to help out my Writing Center and standing on my feet in dress up shoes (as a writer, I rarely dress up, for me, a good clothing day means I haven't dropped toothpaste on my shirt) and as always, hungry. It was like I was in the Island of Lost Foods - such odd stuff, little weird hors d'oeuvres (the tiniest BLT ever with chopped ham, I guess and oddly colored sushi and mini cheeseburgers) and unidenifiable appetizers wrapped in puff pastry. The main course was good. I ate dessert, which I rarely do (at least not this rich chocolately creamy stuff.) So today I have zero motivation. I am only thankful I don't seem to have gained any weight from this. It was a workout just wearing heels on uneven floors and not falling flat on my face. And you know how once you fall off the wagon it's tough to climb back on? First you've got to chase the wagon and yell "Hey wait up!" Then you've got to get a strong foothold to pull yourself up. Then you've go to stay on the darn thing and not fall off again. And I have a shmancy dinner tonight and I have no idea of the menu. None. Plus poker tomorrow which means beer (or chocolate vodka yum!! or port yum yum!!!) and snacks. Heavy sigh. What's a girl to do? "Hey! Wait up, guys!!!!"
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