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Default Thoughts on diet?

Hi, new to this.

I'm 20 & male, decided to start a diet 8 days ago as I'm not comfortable with my weight.

I've gone from eating:

Nothing for breakfast
Lunch consisting of sandwich/baguette, crisps, chocolate, full fat coke.
Mid-afternoon biscuits/chocolate
Big dinner, not specific.
Desert e.g. chocolate.
Night time feast at like 11pm consisting of sandwich, cheese, chocolate, whole pack of biscuits some nights, fizzy drink, general bad stuff.


Piece of fruit OR nature valley bar for breakfast
2 apples for lunch - thinking of replacing this for a salad
Main meal at night not really caring about what i have
Several glasses of water through the day

And thats it, i've been on it for a week not really seen a difference but just wanted opinions on this. I'm also going to start powerwalking for an hour three times a week at the gym on a high incline.

I'm currently 218lbs and want to get down to 175lbs. This is the furthest i've ever got with a diet and i'm hoping its the one!
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