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1. Target <1600 calories/day.
no. / no 1700. / yes 1571. / close enough 1612.
2. Walk the park or big block 4x with Sara this week.
Yes! / no. / no. / no.
3. Take meds 2x/day.
forgot p.m. / forgot p.m. again. / yes. / I can't remember if I did or not.
4. Log everything.
yes. / yes. / yes. / yes.
5. Plan ahead this week a few healthier (or at least less bad) items to have next week during Thanksgiving.
working on it. / in progress. / done i think.
6. Start reading labels and learning more about cleaner food choices.
tried, but felt a little lost. / did some reading. / a little. /

I have such a hard time remembering my meds, and since I'm bipolar that is not a good thing for any aspect of my life. Need to get out of this! A couple years ago the state did a ton of cut backs and really slashed mental health care. That's when I lost my therapy. Bad thing. Yesterday I took steps to get a new therapist through my husband's work insurance, even though it will cost a lot...I need it! Hoping I find a good therapist quickly. Finding one you click with is really a challenge sometimes. Also hoping that getting back into therapy will help me keep my moods more even and things will become more consistent. Losing weight when you're feeling in a funk all the time is really hard.

Hope everyone has a great and successful day!
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