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Default Day 16, down a pound

Official weigh in: 172 - YAY ME! Go Pat-ti! Go Pat-ti! (chanted while doing the cabbage patch)

I am very happy that the weight is coming off consistently - VERY encouraging! Because sometimes this is really hard!

So, I discovered a few things:

1) freezing and then thawing out GSs for lunch isn't very good. Today I broke down and had 1/2 a tuna sandwich for lunch - the thawed-out smoothies just don't cut it - they're awful!

2) I can't skip the fruit in my GSs - smoothies don't taste good and are not fulfilling or sustaining without the fruit.

3) My breath stinks! I brush and use mouthwash and still can't get rid of the bad breath! My kids won't kiss me! Not sure why my breath is so bad and why I can't get any relief from it, I can't be in ketosis because I am eating too many carbs (in the form of fruits and veggies). According to FitDay my diet is 97% carbs. Nevertheless, I know ketosis causes bad breath...

4) I feel great today - lots of energy - because I exercised yesterday. I need to get in some form of exercise on a consistent basis because I feel great when I do! Luckily there is no school next week so I can get out there every day! Thanks for asking LMV, my energy levels are up and I am not sleepy any longer.

5) Thanksgiving is next week which means we're going to the river in seven days and I will NOT be down to 160. Heck I'd have to lose a full pound per day to make it down to 165 - but, I'm pretty sure I WILL be somewhere
in the 160s at least, which is WAY better than where I was 15 days ago! AND I will be down even more 15 days from today!

6) Bella and Edward have a child! (Twilight) I had no idea! I subbed in 4th grade today and that's what they were all talking about - guess I'd better get caught up on the Twilight series! Watched the first one again tonight - I forgot how good it was!

7) My skin and hair are really glowing! Even my hands look younger!

8) My clothes are fitting waaaay better and my shoes aren't tight anymore! I know the scale hasn't moved all that much but the inches are coming off quicker than the pounds!

9) People under 20 don't know who Fonzi is!

Okay just threw that last one in there to see if you were still paying attention.

10:37 p.m. and I have a very early wake-up call tomorrow.
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