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Originally Posted by dmartz View Post
Arg! I wrote a long post on this and it disappeared when I hit preview! Take 2:

My problem with push-ups is that I'm:
  • Lacking upper body strength
  • A perfectionist
  • OCD (aka AR)
  • Over 50
I've been trying to do 20 Perfect Push-ups for at least 6 months, unofficially a year. My Honey can (still) do plenty of push-ups, even though he's a bit out of shape. The kind where you plank, touch nose to floor, and lift back up. But I haven't been able to do one, ever. Until last week. I did one! I was so proud of myself!

I can (now) hold a rail straight plank for minutes (where n mins depends on the day, time of day, etc...) I can now do pushups that get kinda close to the floor. I can even hold a plank within mms of the floor. But can't seem to do that and push back up. No arms. I've been trying all kinds of tricks, but the tricky part is just to keep trying. On the plus side, I'm (*) Very Stubborn.

Okay! I just tried again, and I did another one! I'm so excited! I can't do two though... Maybe by next year...
I never touch my nose when I do push ups. I do my exercises until I hit 90*. This is easier on your joints. So I go down until the top part and bottom part of my arms are at 90* (the top part is parallel to the floor). IMO, going lower than that is putting unnecessary strain on your shoulders and elbows. To be honest, I do them so fast, if I were to touch my nose, one day I'd end up breaking it or knocking out my teeth.

This is going to sound sexist to some but don't try to compare yourself to your honey. Men usually have more upper body strength. That's not to say that you won't ever be able to do as many as him, or more, just don't get discouraged because it's easier for him.

Here's my suggestion... quit doing them how you are doing them. That was easy, huh? No, seriously, the only what you are going to get better at them is to get stronger. The only way to get stronger is to work the muscles. You probably aren't working the muscle much doing one every now and then. I would either go back to your knees and crank them out until you can't do one more, or elevate your upper body, maybe on stairs and start busting them out. Trust me, you crank them suckers out, even on your knees and you'll feel it. The next day your chest, arms and shoulders will probably scream at you. I would also not do them every day, assuming you are cranking them out and wearing the muscle down. Give yourself a day between to let the muscle recover. Then the next day 20 (or however many) more. It's okay to do multiple sets on the days you do them, but give them a day to heal. So lets say you start off on your knees and you can do 8, take a little break and try it again. After a few times, you'll start off a day and do 10. Once you can do 10, pretty easily on your knees, do 10 then take a 10 second breather and get back to it. For every push up you do, that's how many seconds of a break you get. So once you get to 10, it'll probably look like this.
10....... 10 second break
7......... 7 second break
4.......... 4 second break (WTF I ONLY GET A FOUR SECOND BREAK!!!!, yep)
1.......... done

Take off the next day, then try again on the following. I would bet that once you get to the first 10, within a few weeks you'll be able to do 20 on your knees. At that point, you'll probably be able to do a few on your toes. Work at in until you can do 10, then follow the same procedure.

That should get you were you want to be before the next year passes you by!

BTW, If I had to do 10 for every cuss word today, I'd be dead! I think Tori was getting a kick out of it. I dropped a few F-bombs and another choice word or 2, then she wanted to see how many I could use in a sentence. I must say, I think I impressed her.

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