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Default Aspartame

Ok, I've heard that aspartame is bad for you. What's bad about it? My dr. told me to drink diet soda rather than tons of water, which obviously has a lot of aspartame in it. I know...WHAT???? Telling me to drink diet soda in greater proportion to water?! There's a reason. I take a medication that, in addition to what I use it for, is also used for anorexia patients to MAKE them crave sugary carbs, therefore to make them gain weight. Not a good thing when I'm trying to lose a ton of weight. He said that by drinking falsely sweet diet soda (and things like Crystal Light won't do the trick he said) it will alleviate my urge to eat sugary carbs. And it works. That's what's was recommended by my Dr. and right now it works for me. But what affects could the aspartame be having on me? Are there any diet sodas that anyone is aware of that doesn't use aspartame? I drink A LOT of it, and am wondering if I have any alternatives?
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